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Mary Prankster: Recorded Live at Fletcher's on April 3, 2004
Happy Birthday, You Fuck (audio 700 KB) (video 4.55 MB)
Don't Bury Me (audio 2.24 MB) (video 20.2 MB)

The above two tracks were recorded at the CD release party for Mary Prankster's Lemonade: Live. The first one is Mary singing happy birthday to her friend, Jan. The second one is a cover of a song by an Annapolis punk band, The Shit, and it's fucking fantastic. Neither of these exist on any album, and I highly doubt they ever will be, so hopefully Mary won't mind me having them here. If anyone is curious, these were recorded with a sexy little Canon PowerShot S400.

For added extra spiffiness, here's the back of the front-insert for the new live CD. That poofy-haired kid on the front-left is me. Just behind me is the fabulous Faith. The bald chick on the right is my rockin' roomate, Pie. And behind Pie is our perdy pal, KelBel. I'm so proud! *glee*

If you don't already have them, you need to get all of Mary's CDs, because she is wonderful.
Blue Skies Over Dundalk
Roulette Girl
Blue Skies Forever
Tell Your Friends
Lemonade: Live

While you're here, this picture is pretty sexy.
And I've also started a Mary Prankster Tribe.
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